I run, but I am not a “runner” (not yet, anyway). I lift, but I am still trying to master a perfect push-up. I play, and I play hard.

Living healthy is a true passion of mine and I’m embarking on my journey as a healthy living blogger in hopes I can inspire just one person to live a leaner, healthier life. Hopefully you will find little morsels of information on my blog that can aid you in living a balanced and healthy life. Being fit, active, and healthy is about so much more than hitting the gym and denying ourselves of the food we love. It really is a way of living and I challenge you to join me on the journey of taking care of your body each and every day.

I’ve been following healthy living bloggers for about a year now and it has taken me that full year to gain the courage to share my healthy lifestyle online. I hope I can contribute to the world of healthy living and I hope all the amazing healthy living bloggers will embrace me as a newcomer to their social world!

I am currently training for my first half marathon. I typically run 5ks so this is a big jump for me. My longest race was an 8k trail run and that was back in March 2011.

I’ve always enjoyed lifting weights. Maybe I found that passion in high school when off-season softball consisted of grueling workouts and lifting weights with the baseball players. I’ve recently started lifting weights again and I am noticing tremendous gains in my strength.  I believe strength training is an essential component of overall fitness so I am glad I am finally making it a priority in my training. I am working toward a goal of being able to do 10 perfect pull-ups and push-ups. I’ve struggled with both movements my entire life.

I believe living healthy is a balance of planned workouts and living actively. I enjoy a good workout in the gym but I prefer mountain biking to spinning on an indoor bike, Stand Up Paddleboarding to a rower, and hiking or snowshoeing to walking on a treadmill. I also favor wakeboarding and snowboarding to running. In my opinion, playing is the best way to stay in shape!

I am not qualified to provide any sort of health or nutritional advice. I am simply sharing my healthy lifestyle so I may inspire others to explore what might work for them. 

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