Increasing Mileage = Increasing Expertise!

Happy Monday!

I’m not typically so cheerful on a Monday, but I took the day off to get ready for my upcoming vacation (destination will be announced soon!).

I’m rather ambitious today. Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

  • Cooked up a delicious egg white omelette
  • Completed a 30 minute elliptical workout/15 minute stationary bike
  • Completed a 29 minute Fight Gone Bad style workout (5 rounds)
  • Made a trip to Run for Your Life
  • Enjoyed a 45 minute Caribbean style pedicure
Still on my to-do list:
  • Get a manicure
  • Stock up on some protein snacks for my trip (thinkThin bars, Power Crunch bars, etc)
  • Attempt to find running sunglasses
  • Possibly splurge on a new bikini
  • Pack

Anyway, as my title suggests, I’ve learned more about running this week! Yesterday I hit the greenway around 9am for my 8-mile long run. It was about 50-degrees, sunny, and breezy in Charlotte yesterday. We had some pretty heavy storms on Friday so the greenway was a bit muddy and parts of the boardwalk were super slippery! I nearly slipped a half-dozen times so I definitely had to slow down and use caution several times.

Slippery conditions weren’t my only concern. The sun was overbearing and, combined with the wind, my eyes hated me. I came to the realization I desperately need to buy some sunglasses for running (thus the trip to Run for Your Life)! Regrettably, they didn’t have any sunglasses I was crazy about so my search will continue this afternoon. I’ve run in my Tom Fords before and let’s just say they are “too pretty” for running. They are terrible to run in so I’ll keep those babies for non-active outings.

Yesterday’s run started off a bit rough. I thought I’d be all smart and try running with a hydration belt versus carrying my water bottle so I stole my boyfriend’s hydration belt. BAD idea. He has one that would be great for hiking and perhaps it’s perfect for him but I had that thing on for less than a tenth of a mile before I ran back to throw it in my car.

Here’s what his looks like… I just don’t recommend it for running. It bounced around too much for my liking and I  hated how the weight wasn’t evenly distributed.

As soon as I arrived home from my long run yesterday I splurged on a Fuel Belt R20 Revenge 2 bottle belt in hibiscus pink. I bought it on a whim and out of frustration so I hope I like it when I receive it in the mail. I really didn’t explore my options I just knew it’d be better than that tank of a belt I attempted to wear. I’ll need it for my upcoming long runs but don’t plan to use it on race day since there will be plenty of fueling stations. It’s much cuter, isn’t it?

A few other things annoyed me on my run. I ditched my Lululemon Wunder Unders for my Nike Tempo shorts yesterday. I always stash my iPhone in this little built-in compartment in my wunder unders and unfortunately Nike Tempo shorts don’t have a nice compartment for my iPhone (I use my iPhone to stream Rihanna radio on Pandora). I left my armband at home so I ended up running with my iPhone in one hand and my water bottle in the other. Epic fail. I’ll be sure to keep my armband in my car from now on!

I also chose to experiment with mid-run fueling yesterday. I packed two cute boxes of  organic raisins (45 calories, 10g sugar). I ate a box at mile five and another one at mile seven. I’m certain I won’t use raisins as fuel again. They are just too  big of a hassle. I bought some Clif shot bloks today at Run for Your Life so we’ll see how I like those next Sunday. Some of my favorite healthy living bloggers seem to like the shot bloks so hopefully I’ll they’ll be a favorite of mine too! I also bought a few packs of Accel Gel at the recommendation of the sales lady.

I felt pretty good about my run even though I had several things go wrong (just like last week).  I’m glad I’m having all these learning opportunities now so I will be ready to go on race day.

Here are my splits for your viewing pleasure:




1 9:24 9’24″/mi
2 18:33 9’10″/mi
3 27:38 9’05″/mi
4 37:09 9’31″/mi
5 46:41 9’32″/mi
6 56:19 9’38″/mi
7 1:05:19 9’01″/mi
8 1:14:05 8’46″/mi

I use Nike+ GPS to track all my runs and I absolutely love it. It’s such a good tool. Plus I like when Tim Tebow congratulates me and tells me to hit the showers at the end of my run. It’s a nice touch.

Again, my goal is to run my first half marathon in 2:10. I’m starting to feel pretty confident that I will meet my goal! Cross training has made me a much stronger runner and is helping to keep me injury free.

What are your favorite running sunglasses? I would love some recommendations! 

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