My Six Favorite Fitness Things Right Now

1. Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo 2. Inov-8 F-Lite 230 3. Kettlebells
4. Lululemon Run: Pace Setter Skirt
5. Suplove Challenger 8’10”  Stand Up Paddle Board
6. Lululemon Astro Wunder Under Crop 

  1. Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo is perfect for days I just don’t have time to wash my hair after a workout. My hair stylist recommended it after he nearly had a heart attack when I told him I wash my hair everyday, sometimes twice a day. I’m convinced he would have had a heart attack had I told him I sometimes blow dry and straighten it twice a day!
  2. I love my purple Inov-8 shoes! I think I’ve received a dozen compliments on them at my gym. I wear them for lifting and calisthenics. I’ve only been training in them for 3 weeks but I am already sold on them for life.
  3. Kettlebells are amazing. That’s really all you need to know. If you haven’t tried a kettlebell workout yet it’s time you do! I’ll be buying some in the near future to have at home!
  4. I’m about to give in and buy a running skirt. The one featured above from Lululemon is super cute. In the past, I was anti-running skirts for years but I guess I’m ready for a new, more feminine running look.
  5. I’ve fallen in love with this brand and board. Someday I’ll be the proud owner of it… maybe this summer!
  6. I love Lululemon wunder unders! I have the crops and the full length pant and I’m obsessed with working out in them. People at my gym must think they’re the only workout clothes I have when I have at least a dozen Nike shorts and a half-dozen other workout pants to choose from. I’m obsessed with Lululemon and it’s hard not to wear them everyday.
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