Farm-to-Fork Friday: Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe

Zada Jane's Corner Cafe in NoDa

Located in Charlotte’s Historic Arts District, NoDa, Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe seems to be somewhat of an unknown gem in the city. I learned about it by googling “farm-to-table restaurants in Charlotte.”

I specifically went to Zada Jane’s last Saturday evening after venturing to their website where I was intrigued by their “a little info” webpage. The information is so cute the way it is written. As promised, a shuffleboard court was in front of the cafe. I suspect it’s quite an attraction during warm weather months. They also had this killer patio which seats fifty, but it was empty because of the chill in the air.

Zada Jane’s prepares its meals with “drug-free” meat and uses organic/sustainable ingredients as much as possible. I love all of this, but I absolutely love the fact that they utilize regional and local farmers to the best of their ability.

So much better than they look!

We splurged and ordered the nachos as an appetizer. I know they look pathetic in this picture but these were nachos no ordinary nachos. They were made with organic blue chips, grilled veggies, black beans, roasted corn, and some other little toppings. The grilled squash and zucchini were absolutely delicious. I would have been just fine ordering a bowl of squash and veggies for my entree. The veggies were unbelievably fresh and full of flavor. I couldn’t scoop all the goodness into my mouth fast enough!


My entree selection was Carmen’s spinach salad with chicken. It’s hard to tell in this picture but it was served with dried cherries, orange segments, goat cheese, and candied pecans. I ordered the lemon vinaigerette on the side since I’m picky about how much dressing goes on my salads. I’m somewhat obsessed with spinach salads right now and this one definitely hit the spot for me.


Overall, I loved this corner cafe housed in a funky little building in the art’s district of Charlotte. It’s one of those places I would love to take an out-of-town guest so they can experience a fun local restaurant that also serves local food!

I’ll definitely be returning. I hope my next visit will be for a delightful breakfast. Their coffee and tea menu seemed quite intense as did their breakfast menu options. I have to go for breakfast sometime just so I can try out the sausage which comes from Grateful Growers Farm, a small diversified farm located in Denver, North Carolina.

Happy farm-to-fork Friday! It’s a good day for me since I found out yesterday that we are getting a farm-to-fork pizzeria in Charlotte! It’s called Pure Pizza. I can’t wait until it opens!

Would you rather eat at a farm-to-fork restaurant?

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