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I’m new to blogging.

I’m fairly certain you’ve picked up on that already. It probably took you all of five seconds.

Anyway, I started this blog because I was inspired by all the healthy living bloggers I follow. I’ve always been passionate about living healthy so blogging about healthy living just made sense to me. I slowly gained the courage to share my life with the world over the past year. I am still somewhat reserved about all of this sharing, but I am sure I will warm up to it!

I read about a half dozen to a dozen healthy living blogs on a regular basis now. Jenn’s blog, Peas and Crayons, is amongst one of my favorite blogs to visit.  I’ve been following a lot of the healthy living bloggers for about a year now, but I just recently discovered Jenn’s blog about a month or so ago when I kept seeing tweets with #WIAW. I am so thankful those tweets led me to her blog! Jenn is the creative mind behind all the What I Ate Wednesday posts you see on so many blogs.

She seems so fun and visiting her blog is always worthwhile. Here’s another reason I love reading Jenn’s blog… She is so sweet! I decided to tweet her to see if I could join in on the #WIAW fun and confessed to her that I was an aspiring healthy living blogger. I didn’t feel worthy enough to join in on the fun and expected her response to be something like “sure” or “yah, that’s cool.”

Do you think Jenn responsed like that? Not a chance. Here’s how she responded to me:

“@RunLiftPlay whoo! party away girl! ❤ … we’re doing a theme this month: LOVE your veggies! #wiaw”

Her response made me feel so good. I suppose she knows everyone has to start somewhere! I look forward to making weekly What I Ate Wednesday posts especially now that I feel so welcome.

So, here we go. I’m feeling the pressure to make this a really good What I Ate Wednesday (which is actually what I ate Tuesday since I like to post in the mornings). Too bad my pictures aren’t even  near mediocre, my meals aren’t exciting, and I don’t have any recipes to bring to the table. Bummer. I’ll do better next time eventually (can’t expect to improve overnight, right?).

My typical weekday morning breakfast contains egg whites. Sometimes I make a frittata but I usually just whip up a veggie omelette. Yesterday’s omelette featured mushrooms, green bell pepper, tomatoes, and a dash of pepper. Oh, and I packed it with some heat. I added a nice big pinch of ground red pepper. I like it HOT! I also ate half a grapefruit and I washed it all down with a large glass of water.

My snack was somewhat pathetic, but I was in a rush and just threw something together. A handful of carrots, a few dried apricots, and a few macadamia nuts held me over until lunch time. How do you like my sad little paper plate? I also drank three cups of green tea before noon. I love green tea!

Since I rushed around yesterday morning I didn’t even pack a lunch. So, on my lunch break I ventured to Fresh Market to browse the isles for something healthy. I’m not sure I picked the healthiest meal, but it was a tasty meal! I ended up with a Greek Artichoke Salad. It contained artichoke hearts, bell peppers, red onions, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, and feta cheese. I can’t seem to get enough feta cheese these days! Needless to say, this salad had plenty of veggies (and fat) in it! I realized I needed to add some protein so I tossed in some turkey breast pieces but I didn’t take another picture.

Confession: I ate in my car. I left the office and had to commute to a meeting so there wasn’t enough time to find a way to eat anywhere else!

I also had an afternoon snack which I didn’t snap a picture of since I was rushing between meetings. I ate the leftover grapefruit from this morning and a few slices of turkey pastrami.

My next little snack was a Muscle Milk Light. I really try not to have drinks like this in my diet since I like eating clean, but sometimes they’re nice to have around on days like today. I needed to fuel my body after my 3 mile greenway run and this was just so convenient! I drank it on the go since I went straight from the greenway to the gym.

My workout at the gym was awesome and I ended up getting a little personal training action since I was the only that signed up for the 7:30p.m. class. Thrusters, deadlifts, v-ups… You name it, I did it.

I got home around 8:30pm and had a light dinner. I made a salad with tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, cut up turkey burger, and olive oil. Exciting, right? I also made a nice little treat with mixed berries, chopped pecans, shredded coconut, and cacao nibs. Yum!

I ate tons of veggies today! I’m not sure if it’s because I was inspired by the WIAW theme for the month or if my body was just craving veggies. Either way, I feel great about how I ate today!

In case you’re wondering, I usually eat at the following times on weekdays (my weekend routine is less structured):
Breakfast @ 6:30a.m.
Snack @ 9:30a.m.
Lunch @ 12 or 12:30p.m.
Snack @ 3:00p.m.
Pre-workout snack or protein drink @ 5:30p.m.
Dinner: I try my best to eat before 7:30p.m but some nights it’s much later!

How often do you eat?

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2 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday

  1. Jocelyn says:

    welcome to the club 😀

  2. runliftplay says:

    Thanks, Jocelyn! The header on your blog makes me happy. I love blueberries and I love snow! Now, please excuse me as I leave to go browse your blog! 🙂

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