Farm-to-Fork Friday

Welcome to my first Farm-to-fork Friday post! Well, technically the first real post featuring food will come next Friday, but this will give you an idea of what it is all about!

Farm-to-fork Friday will be a recurring post that I will be incorporating into my blog every Friday in order to give you all a glimpse of my fresh, local eats. In case you have not heard of “farm-to-fork” or “farm-to-table,” it is a way restaurants can identify themselves as eateries that prepare dishes with locally procured ingredients. There is a fairly strong farm-to-table movement in the restaurant industry largely driven by consumers like myself that would rather eat at restaurant who support local farms. I am using the same farm-to-fork concept here as a theme on my blog to show off some of the delicious meals I consume that consist of local ingredients!

I am grateful that I live in a region of the country where many restaurants seem to be adopting the farm-to-fork philosophy. I’d much rather eat local ingredients than ingest food that landed on my plate from halfway across the country (or the world). I am also thankful I have access to so many farmers markets and small farms. My preference is to not have my food shipped in a container or truck prior to making its grand debut on my plate.

Like I mentioned above, Farm-to-fork Friday may feature a meal I cooked using local ingredients or that I ate at a local farm-to-table restaurant. This idea all came to fruition as I enjoyed a delightful meal at Zink near Southpark Mall earlier this week. As I perused the menu, I noticed a section titled “Local Heroes.” The list consists of ten local farms, or “heroes,” that they purchase some of their ingredients from. Most of the farms are in North Carolina but there were a few listed from South Carolina and Georgia. I will be researching many of the farms they listed! To be clear, I don’t classify Zink as a true farm-to-table restaurant, but it looks like there are plenty of options on the menu that feature local ingredients. Then again, who am I to make that classification?

I began focusing on eating clean, fresh, local foods this year and it is starting to become somewhat of a zeal for me. I like the warm, fuzzy feeling I get when I support small business owners. It’s a win-win scenario. There are so many reasons to eat locally and I will get into those reasons in future posts.

RunLiftPlay is mostly about my daily fitness routines and how I stay active but I think this weekly post highlighting my local approach to eating will be a fun way to mix it up! Hopefully you will find it insightful and, who knows, maybe I will inspire you to prepare meals using local ingredients and to seek out restaurants that do the same!

That should cover the basics of Farm-to-fork Friday, but if you have questions just comment below!

Do you know of any farm to fork restaurants in the Charlotte region I should review? Passion8 Bistro is on my list for next week! I have a list of about 10 restaurants in the Charlotte metro region so it looks like I have my work cut out for me!

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