Racing the Sun

I decided to cancel my scheduled workout yesterday for an unplanned run on the greenway since the expected high was 63 degrees. I’ve been putting a lot of miles in on the treadmill so I figured I better take advantage of the beautiful day and run outside. Thankfully, my favorite meteorologist was right and we had an absolutely gorgeous day in Charlotte.

As soon as 5pm hit I gave myself permission to rush out of the office to go for a run on the greenway. Since the sunset was around 6:05pm, I knew I would have to keep a decent pace in order to be back to my car before dusk. Apparently, racing the sun is good for me since I maintained a faster than normal pace. I have been trying to pace myself for 10 minute miles since my goal is to run my first half in 2:10.

Here are my run stats:

I’m happy with my 9’13″/mi pace and actually a bit shocked by it. I felt strong yesterday which was a good feeling since I struggled through my workout on Monday night. I even had enough energy to lift weights after a brief recovery period. I suppose somedays are better than others!

Today is a planned rest day since my day starts earlier than usual and doesn’t wrap up until about 8pm. Maybe I’ll find some time for a 15 minute ab routine later this evening.

Are you currently training for any races? How do you squeeze in the time for your runs?

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